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Kilden Performing Arts Centre ALA Architects & SMS Arkitekter AS

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How to wear all white this s/s:
This spring, all white outfits are being envisioned as statements of flawless style and impeccable taste. 
1. The feminine side of white: Needless to point out that lace complements the all white attitude for s/s like no other fabric. Think in terms of clean lines, ultra-feminine silhouettes and delicate lace for a full-on ladylike statement. 

2. All-white androgyny statements: Subtle feminine quality think of the all-white tailored outfits as a perfect mix of both influences. Seek for minimal-chic silhouettes, topped with daring cut-outs or bold appliques.

3. Tough whites: Build your outfits upon slightly over-sized pants, boxy silhouettes and high heels. Seek for bomber and leather jackets and layer them on top of sheer or transparent blouses for maximum contrast.

4. Full-on transparency: Embrace the transparent side of fashion by rocking all-white see-through ensembles this season. Showcase just the amount of skin you are comfortable with and balance or complement your look accordingly. 

5. Complementary white with the trends: 
White can also be enhanced with the help of other complementary colors and fashion trends. In terms of mixing shades, regardless of your personal choice, make sure the other pick of color is used rather as an accent, with the solemnly purpose of amplifying the white manifesto. This season choose black for a classic combination, delicate pastels for a subtle highlight or vivid orange for a fashionable contradiction.
When talking trends, aside from the already mentioned ones, perfect your white looks with the smart use of clear plastic accessories, metallic elements or choose exquisite embellishments to draw more attention to your monochrome outfits (image: fashionising)


The Story of Brandon and Tana


This is for the anon who wanted to know the full story of Brandon and Tana. I hope I did okay! Also if anyone knows anymore or if I accidentally said something untrue, let me know!

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